Saturday, May 8, 2010

Marvel Comics!

For those who did not know I was lucky enough to do some work for Marvel this year!

I did a short story in Girl Comics 1 which is available in stores right now! My two page story preview is the one with Val and Franklin in the tree! Fun clockworks story with Robin Furth :)
Girl Comics Preview

As well as a short story in The Spider Ham 25th Anniversary Special coming out in June! (I did the story starting with Assistant Watcher in Deep Space. Preview of my story is two pages)
Spider Ham Preview

Imagination Station

Imagination Station Video

I made a really fun animation as a preview for the story.

The story is about three friends who imagine their world as a huge space adventure.

Interested in seeing it as a book? Want more of the story? Let me know! Issue 1 is 20 pages of full colour fun!



Goodies from TCAF. Always fun to go to a show just to walk around! So many awesome artists :)