Saturday, September 29, 2012

NYCC 2012

 I will be at New York Comic Con in October! You can find me at G9. I am super excited for this show! My pre-commission list is open if anyone is interested. Please email me for prices at: agnes (@) mymisiu (dot) com (Sorry for writing it this way, spam bot prevention hehe). I will also have a whole bunch of new and old super cute prints, my two books and stickers as well! Can’t wait. :)  

In celebration here are some fun commissions from past shows so you know what to expect. :)


Boo Bear and Flo Episode 25

Boo Bear and Flo continue their adventures! Episode 22 now online! The story of Boo Bear entering the Dust-Shaped World!

Also, my super cool all-age book MyMisiu Gazette has gone digital!! You can now buy my book on the iBooks Libary, Nook, and Kindle!! Great all-age fun! Check out all the information here and make sure to reblog and tell all your friends! :)