Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You, Me, And Zombie

I guess the time has finally come. I mentioned to a select few last summer that I was planning on working on my own title. I was not lying. Last summer You, Me, and Zombie started coming to life.

You, Me, and Zombie stars Olive and her little Shih Tzu Otis. They wake up one morning to find their whole town over run with Zombies. The two of them want to try to find out what happened and want find a cure to make everyone all better. They set off on the adventure of a life time to find Olive’s father who is a scientist and can maybe help them. But the problem is Olive's father has vanished and she has no idea where to find him.

The first release of You, Me, and Zombie will be issue 0. This issue takes place a few months after Olive and Otis discovered their town over run by zombies. They found a journal that holds clues to what might have caused everyone to get sick and turn into Zombies.

Issue 0 will be 12 pages long and packed full with a ton of extras and guest pin up art! The first print run will be self published by me in a very limited run. I hope for it to be a wonderful hardcover! This book will be a must have for anyone who loves a fun adventure book. The wonderful part about this title is that it will be for all ages! I am making sure to keep the book fun and kid friendly focusing on the adventures of the main characters.

I also hope to take this book to a publish to get it published in a bigger run! So make sure to stay tuned for any news regarding this title! I will also have it available for pre-order once I get the final cost for anyone interested since the hard cover will be limited numbers.

Now here is the wonderful part...the release date for the hard cover Issue 0 is scheduled for the start of summer!

Here is a sneak peak on the first 3 pages, enjoy!

Karen Ellis Benefit Auction

Hey Everyone! Francis and I thought we would help out and contributed pieces to the Karen Ellis Benefit Auction. If you are not sure about her situation I copied the press release below. It is now your turn to help out by placing a bid if you are interested in any of the pieces that are up for Auction right now!

Here is an image and link to the piece that I contributed. Be ready for super cuteness!

DC Bunnies on Ebay


In mid February, Karen Ellis, the creator of popular diary webcomic
Planet Karen (http://planetkaren.girl-wonder.org/), was made homeless
and nearly possessionless by a fire in the apartment above hers, which
resulted in the tragic death of the occupant.

The comics community rallied, and thanks to generous donations of
money and equipment, Karen was able to replace some of her art
supplies and find a new place to live. Her gratitude and determination
are recorded on Planet Karen, but she is still unable to replace many
of her possessions.

Girl-Wonder.org is delighted to announce a fundraising auction for
Karen (http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/girlwonderorg_W0QQ_nkwZQQ_armrsZ1QQ_fromZQQ_mdoZ),
thanks to the generous donations of the comics community. The auction
runs until 30th March, and includes items as diverse as an "incredibly
wordy" Wonderella giftset, handbags, jewellery, an original Phil Noto
Black Widow Sketch, and the original artwork of this post-fire Planet
Karen strip (http://planetkaren.girl-wonder.org/index.php?strip_id=616).

You might want to check it out!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Super Winter Item Sale

Hey everyone! I know those of you who live in the cold winter climate are getting as sick of the winter as me. So I thought it would be nice for everyone to have a winter sale! Even those of you who have a warm winter, this sale is for you too!

I have updated my shop with a whole bunch of awesome items!


All the items in my shop are for sale till the end of March! I thought since I don't have any conventions to attend to in March I would put them online on sale. This will make awesome deals for everyone and it will help me move some of my inventory between conventions. This opens up room for new designs and new items! Just a heads up too if you are interested in anything in my shop. Most items are the one and only that you see. Once they are gone there is a chance they will not be remade. I have not made up my mind which designs I will keep for the summer convention season yet. I will most likely keep about 75% of the designs in my store, but at the moment I really can't say if it will stay like that. So grab what you can while it is still in stock!


I have updated my shop with a whole bunch of awesome items!