Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Teuton Vol. 2

Exciting news! I’m doing a back-up story in Teuton Vol. 2. :) . The book is illustrated by the awesome Adam Gorham and Written by “Fearless” Fred Kennedy. I’m really excited to be a part of this book. Read and listen all about it here!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Web Comic Update!

Web Comics! Lots and lots of web comics. All Web Comics, but Waking Up Abbey have been updated!

You, Me, and Zombie - For all your all-age Zombie needs

Imagination Station - Imagine life as a huge space adventure

Boo Bear and Flo - Attack of the...dust bunnies??

Sorry about the lack of updates. I am trying to at least update 1 of the 4 web comics I work on a week. With work and conventions happening each month it gets a little hard, but don't worry I will always try my best to have a page out for at least one comic!!! :)

My all-age book is finally out! Check out all the info below. :)

Digital copy - Graphicly
Book copy - Soft Cover

Thursday, June 14, 2012

MyMisiu Gazette on Graphicly!

MyMisiu Gazette Vol. 1 is now available on Graphicly for download!! 72 pages, three awesome all-age stories, fun extras for only $4.99! I would say that is a great deal. If you like what you read make sure to leave a comment as well. :)

Read the first issues of You, Me, and Zombie, Waking Up Abbey, and Imagination Station in all it’s glory in full colour!

For all you table readers out there, MyMisiu Gazette Vol. 1 will soon be available on other platforms as well, including iBookstore, Kindle, and Nook! Stay tuned for more updates.

Like what you read and want a copy of the book? Just click here for more information on how to order the book!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MyMisiu Gazette Vol. 1

MyMisiu Gazette Vol. 1 is here!! 68 pages of awesome!

MyMisiu Gazette collects the first issues of my web comics You, Me, and Zombie, Waking Up Abbey, and Imagination Station in FULL COLOUR! There are also lots of fun extras like a short bonus story of how Olive Met Otis. There is one big change in one of the web comics in the book from it’s original online version. This is that Waking Up Abbey has been changes from a horizontal comic to a vertical comic!!

MyMisiu Gazette Vol. 1 is only $15! Soft cover. 68 Pages. Full colour.

Plus a page for a quick sketch in the book! Book with original sketch is only $30!
There is a two book special as well! Get MyMisiu Gazette Vol. 1 and You, Me, and Zombie Hardcover Prelude for only $25 together (Add $15 if interested in a sketch one of the two books).

Order ONLINE NOW! Email me at agnes@mymisiu.com for shipping and handling options!

Conventions -> Limited number of books will be available at all the shows I am doing this summer! Please email me to reserve you copy at agnes@mymisiu.com My Summer Convention Scheduled

If attending SDCC or Fan Expo there is a show special you can ask for (While supplies last) - Saturday Newspaper Special - Includes Book, Sketch of any MyMisiu Gazette character, Large MyMisiu Gazette Poster for only $40!!

If you are one of the few people who own the first printing of MyMisiu Gazette Vol. 1 you may get the new version for only $10! Changes from the first printing to the second printing are: More pages, more extras, You, Me, and Zombie full first chapter, Waking Up Abbey is now a vertical comic, and a page for sketches.

I am currently working to make MyMisiu Gazette a digital book, but I ran into some problems along the way. I will post when it is available online!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Phoenix ComicCon Commissions

Hey Everyone! Here are some commissions I did this past weekend while at the Phoenix ComicCon.