Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

You, Me, and Zombie Pg 16

Web Comic Update! You, Me, and Zombie Pg 16 Now Online...and Eep is right! Click to view the full strip!!

FanExpo 2011 Commissions Part 3

Here are a few more commissions I took photos of from FanExpo 2011 that I did. Mera and Aquaman swimming with a fishie. I was asked to put in the fishie since it was the pet and he wanted it part of the commission. So there is a cute fishie in the piece :)
Superman with Krypto. The sky is a little sideways since I took the photo on a little slant. Oops.
Tank Girl with Booger! Tank Girl is fun to draw since she is a wacky and cool character :)
Another Tank Girl commission for the same person as the first one.
Enjoy! Thank you Edward for the Mera and Aquaman scan!

FanExpo 2011 Commissions Part 2

Here are some commissions for FanExpo 2011. First we start with Butters as Professor Chaos and his sidekick General Disarray. I have never drawn Butters and I had these cute little toys as reference. :)
Conan the Barbarian!
Darkstalkers Felicia
Carebear/Smurf stand off. I made it a grouch off competition between Grumpy and Grouchy :)

Wonder Woman Fashion Design

I finally got my hands on these photos! All of these photos are courtesy of my friend Paul De La Merced. The Wonderwoman outfit design was created by megarinri on tumblr. I plan on wearing more of her designs in the future. They are just so awesome! THANK YOU SO MUCH PAUL FOR THESE PHOTOS! :) I hope to wear this outfit for New York. I also want to try to have the bag done for the show, which I was not able to get done for the FanExpo show. The last photo is from the Women in Comics panel/draw duel I was a part of. BEST PANEL EVER!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fan Expo 2011 Commissions Part 1

Here is a Calvin and Hobbes Commission I did at the Fan Expo this year. I love how it came out since I am a huge fan of Calvin and Hobbes. Thank you Ryan Cross for sending me a scan of this piece! Now I can post a nice scan for you all to see!
Here is another awesome scan I got from another commission I did at the FanExpo. This one is of Ivy and Harley and the scan comes from Patrick. Thank you! This was fun because Patrick gave me four options of different paired characters. I looked over the list and I went with the idea that popped in my head first! I saw Harley and Ivy and I knew I wanted to draw them right away.

Imagination Station Pg 20

Web Comic UPDATE! Imagination Station Page 20 now online! Things don't go as planned. Click to view the full strip!!