Saturday, July 11, 2009

Two New Designs!

Here are two awesome new designs that you will find in my Cafepress and Zazzle stores! They are fun designs great for all ages. One is a starfish explosion and its lots of fun! Starfish dance their way up a fun and exciting vector illustration. The other is Abbey the Pit Bull Terrier. She represents all the sweet terriers out there in this awesome fun design! Abbey is my boyfriend's mom's doggy and she is best friends with my little Shih Tzus.

CafePress Store
While your enjoying your stay at my Cafepress store make sure to check out the Pet Park! There are many pet items found in that store with many different designs. From dinos, to I love dogs and cats designs!

Zazzle Store
They just added a pet clothing line to their shop! Awesome doggy shirts in many different colours that you can't get on CafePress!

Looking for one of my designs to be placed on an item in any of my stores? Let me know by emailing me at


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