Sunday, August 16, 2009

Super Pets!

Here are some sketches of the super pets! What are these sketches for? You will find out once completed, but I already know some of you have some ideas :) These pages hold the final designs on them, there were more pages but I did not scan them.

Now I know Dex Star is not part of the regular line up of super pets, but he is the super pet of the evil side! So, I thought he just had to be included in the line up.

I had so much fun drawing these sketches. I was just waiting for a reason to draw the super pets since they are all so darn cute. I looked at older costume designs of the super pets and newer ones found in the Tiny Titan books. I thought it would be fun to take elements from both.

Enjoy! And stayed tuned to see the final designs completed in colour!

Commissions? Questions? Email me at

And sorry for all the watermarking on all my work. I had my work stolen a few times now, so I watermark all my work now. A few bad seeds ruin it for all.

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