Monday, March 21, 2011

Toronto Wizard World

Had a great weekend at Wizard World Toronto. Thank you to everyone who came by! Big thank to those who helped me raise money for Red Cross! It is so wonderful to see that so many people care about helping others. It really warms my heart!

As always, thank you for all the support! It's nice seeing old fans and also new fans! Makes me so happy.

Here is just one of the commissions I did this weekend. I love the idea! Galactus eating a planet at a table, while Silver Surfer serves him...Milk!

This piece belongs to David. He was also kind enough to send 3 other commissions I did in the past. I thought I would post them all together.

Thank you so much David for sending me all these! Your commission ideas are always a blast to draw :)

If you have any photos or scans please send them my way to

Thank you

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