Sunday, January 29, 2012

Monsters and Dames

Mine and Francis Manapul’s Monsters and Dames piece for Emerald City Comic Con’s Monsters & Dames art books.  I love how this came out. It is very rare that Francis and I do a piece together. Only other published piece was for the Joe Shuster Awards Poster a few years back. I love drawing monsters so I got a chance to draw lots of them!
If you are attending the Emerald City Comic Con and you would like a commission please email me a month before the show. Commission info and prices found here.

Ohh If you watched Aahh!! Real Monsters years ago you may find my little tribute to Oblina from the show. (Hint, it’s really small and green) hehe.
My monsters for mine and Francis’ Monsters and Dames piece were inspired by this piece I did about 4-6 years ago for school. Monsters are always fun to draw. I should draw more monsters. I feel Waking Up Abbey may have some monsters coming her way in one of the story lines. Imagination Station is already filled with them (Well, Aliens really)! Yay Monsters! :) I hope you guys like all the monsters I have been posting!

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